He Loves Lucy - Susan Donovan Gender: ContemporaryHero: Theodor ‘Theo’ RedmondHeroine: Lucy CunninghamRating: 4*I wanted to give this book 3 stars but in the end it won me over. It's not that it isn't well written or that the characters are boring, they're not, but when I read a romance novel, whatever the subgender, I want it to be extraordinary :D With this I mean that, well, I want my characters not to be normal people who have to work like everyone else or have normal problems. And this is what "He loves Lucy" is. I won’t bore you guys with a description of the plot and all but I have to mention the scene that made me give 1* bonus, so to say. Lucy has some issues and one of them is about some asshole who humiliated her 10 years prior on live TV. So Theo has this great idea to make her kick box :D Nothing out of the ordinary here… He “plays” the asshole and insults Lucy so she’ll let it all out. She kicks and screams and all and Theo decides that besides keeping the bloody bag still he has to see her…. That’s the moment he leans and her foot connects with his brow :D He has to go to the hospital and get stitches and all and the doctor, being nice and all, says:“I’ve just got to tell you, Lucy—some women threaten it, but most don’t actually kick their man in the head.”From that moment on I couldn’t stop laughing :DThis book was about people with Dawn syndrome and how they adjust and live a normal life(Theo’s brother) … about inner beauty, battling your demons and self confidence … about friendship and family… about learning to trust and to love. All this packaged in a funny romance which at first sight you wouldn’t think it offers much :) Theo ready for his wedding with Lucy(a year after the show) is the guy Anzu showed me that does what Theo did in this book. He even looks like our Theo *sigh*PS: That is Theo's cat :D this one looks normal, his cat was crazy and had a temper and hated everyone