Whispered Music (London Fairy Tales, #2) - Rachel Van Dyken 04 APR: Beauty and the Beast After reading this crap:“Shh,” he said softly in her hair. “Believe me, it is better this way.” He tucked her into the bed and wiped a tear from her face and scowled. “I do not take kindly to tears.”“Well, I don’t take kindly to being insulted and forced into marriage, then threatened to be killed!” Isabelle jerked her head away from his touch.“Regardless of your feelings, Isabelle, I mean to protect you from evil men like the man who sold you to me, to keep you from the darkness, so you may possibly mature into a young woman without vanity and selfishness. And my protection must be firm with you, for I must protect you from the biggest threat at present.”I just couldn't continue!Yes, that's meAll the 17% I've read are horrible! The hero, if I could call him that, is a bi-polar asshole and the heroine is an idiot who doesn't think before talking. Besides this charming characters I can't find the plot, and I looked, but really, it wasn't there... And to add to this mess the author kept repeating the word "beast" like it would make EVERYTHING better.