Pride and Pleasure review

Pride and Pleasure - Sylvia Day

Main characters:

Eliza Martin

Jasper Bond


What I Liked: The story was very good and a little unusual. Eliza is in her 6th season and doesn’t want to marry, and if this wasn’t unseen in the romance world, just think that she was a woman of business, she managed her inheritance and loved working with numbers. We wouldn’t have this book if something unseemly wasn’t happening, so here comes the intrigue: she hires Mr. Bond to play at being her suitor and find the person who arranges some mishaps to happen to her.

Eliza and the rest of Society

It was unexpected and very well written, it’s Ms. Day after all, and I read it way faster than I expected. This books was scheduled to be a subway, school, “not with the laptop with me” book, but after I started it I couldn’t put it down.


What I didn't like:

There isn’t much, just that sometimes it seemed that the author didn’t give enough details about the scene. And I’ll add the sex words and… thinking? It was just a little “ewww, TMI guys!”(I still can’t get the “marked her with his semen” phrase out of my head), it didn’t detract from the story and it did make me laugh so, it really wasn’t that bad.


Favorite character:

Eliza was great. She’s the 3rd or 4th heroine that reminds me of Temperance Brenan from Bones this month, I don’t know how I ended up picking them. She’s self sufficient and has a remarkable brain. I loved how she decided to trust Jasper and then, unlike many other romance heroines, preceded to do just that! No doubts and accepting truths from other people, she just went and asked him, which was very refreshing.


My least favorite character:

Eliza’s man of business. He was a liar and deserves to be hanged.




Favorite scene:

Eliza teaching Jasper to waltz. It was some of the best scenes I have ever read.


Favorite quote:

“I don’t see how you expect to schedule all these hours of sexual congress,” Eliza said, as the carriage lurched into motion, “while attempting to make a success of a sugarcane plantation.”
“Is that a challenge, madam?”
“Could be…”


Would I recommend the book:

Wholeheartedly. I liked the characters, the plot, the writing, there is nothing not to like.


Final rating: 4.5*