Blood and Roses - Sylvia Day This is a friends-to-lovers short story, with them reconnecting after 10 years. Unfortunately the mystery-action part was treated very well, but the love part left me wanting for more. I understand that they've been lovers in the past and they both still loved each other, but I wanted to see proof of this. This is how the story goes: Ana and Jake just met after 10 years, with her on the job, in their home town(which he hasn't left), they say hi, he asks her if she's passing through, she answers in the affirmative, he asks her where she's staying and doesn't even wait for her to respond before he orders her to stay with him! If that wasn't weird I don't know what was. The author does mention that they had an master-submissive relationship before, but come on! ordering her about after 5 minutes after re-connecting is just wrong!After that weird chapter everything smoothed out and it's more plausible to me at least till the last paragraphs, at the end, where she doesn't even argues or discusses about their staying together and agrees to move back with him. All in all everything was too rushed, though enjoyable. Now the important part: It has a mention of the Crossfire building and some jewelry stolen from Gideon and of Gideon(we don't see him though) :D*Ignore the obsessive, crazy female behavior :D*Rating: 3.5*