In Bed with a Highlander - Maya Banks 3.5*I liked the book. The first 60% or so of it was really great, I wanted to give it 4* but I don't know what happened and then it got a little annoying.Things I liked:-the Scots :D they have so cool accents-Ewan: he was fun! And he had no problems telling his wife he loves her. He wasn't like other heroes who wait till the woman is abducted/poisoned/falls of a hors or who knows what to tell her. And he was so protective of her *sigh*-Ewan's relationship brothers: we'll see their books next. I loved how they were so close Things I didn't like:-part of the plot: I can't tell you what part I didn't like 'cuz it was a spoiler, but believe me it was mehThings that I'm ambivalent about:-Marion: she was funny at first but she could get so tedious. Who in his/her right mind would believe a nun about lovemaking?! I know I'll read the next books :)