The Dragon Who Loved Me  - G.A. Aiken First of, I want to say that I love the 2 horses in this novel =))) they were hilarious. Keita tugged the sleeve of his chain-mail shirt until he gazed down at her. “You don’t think I’m entitled, do you?”“Of course not,” Vigholf lied.“Because if I am, it’s only because I deserve it! I deserve everything I want. Don’t you agree?” Rather than lying even more, Vigholf handed Keita his pack.“Anyone seen Keita?”“Should we be looking for her?”“No.”“Then why are you asking?” Fearghus wanted to know.“Because I haven’t seen her. She is our sister.”“She’s probably off poisoning someone. I wouldn’t worry.”Briec grunted until he asked a scowling Gwenvael, “Why are you glaring at me?”“I’m wondering why you’re all not working !”“That is it.” Briec pull ed his sword and Éibhear immediately grabbed him. “I’m cutting off the rest of that bastard’s tail!”“You’re like the triplets,” she said with a laugh.“Short, adorable, and vicious on the battlefield?”“We’re running out of dried beef,” he pointed out.“Because you don’t pace yourself.”“I don’t even know what those words mean.”“I realize that.”“And what did she say to you?” Because he already knew what Bradana had to say to him.“I don’t real y know.”“So you ran away.”“Not at all . I walked away . . . with purpose.”“Oh, well . . . that makes all the difference.”“Is it true,” Talaith snarled, pulling the chair beside Annwyl out and dropping into it, “that you took my daughter with you to see that murdering lowlife scum lord?”Keita grinned. “We just cal him daddy.”“Not that murdering lowlife scum lord,” Talaith snapped.Everyone wandered off after that, and Vigholf told her, “I find your kin unbelievably entertaining.”“That’s good,” she said, “because they will visit . . . often. And for long periods of time.”“What’s long?” he asked her as she walked away from him. “A few days? A week? Perhaps we should start discussing what’s long and what’s too long . . . "