Wings of Fire (Guardians of Ascension) - Caris Roane I was convinced I won't give this more then 4*, but Caris Roane has amazed me again.Thoughts:+1* for the advancement of the plot+2* for Antony, he is a sweetheart and thoughtful and he looks great and he has manner and loves to read, do I need to say more?+0.5* for Parisa, she came to her senses in the end+1* for Endelle, she is a fascinating character+1* for all the Warriors and their mates, all the secondary characters after all, even the psycotic Graves, he is a well constructed villain.-1* for the friggin' name! "Lovejoy", really?! It reminds me of the nae of a porn-star for crying out loud!!! Even the name "Parisa" was a little bit of a stretch for me, but combined? *shudder*I have officially become addicted to this series.