The Vampire and the Virgin  - Kerrelyn Sparks Quotes:Angus shrugged. “They’re bloody fiends. They deserve to die.”“Then I can kill him now?” Robby muttered.Angus ignored him. “Ye have two minutes, Stan. Talk.”“And then I can kill him?” Robby asked a bit louder.Angus shot him an annoyed look.Robby shrugged one shoulder. “I’m trying to convince you I’m no’ crazy. If I kept doing the same thing when it wasna working, would that no’ be crazy?”“Good point.” Carlos rinsed the bowl and placed it in the dishwasher. “So you’re trying a new strategy tonight.”Robby removed the bottled blood from the microwave and filled a glass. “Tonight I saw an angel.”Carlos’s eyes widened. “And you’re still trying to convince me you’re not crazy?”Robby snorted. “No’ a real angel. No’ unless they’ve taken to watching the mortal plane with telescopes.”“Ah.” Carlos grinned. “You caught a babe, scoping you out. Was she hot?”“I could beat you easily if I shifted,” the Brazilian boasted as he danced around the garden’s perimeter.“I could beat you easily in my sleep. If I slept.”“Do you like working for MacKay S and I?” she asked. “Yes.” Carlos smiled. “Are you thinking about applying for a job?” “Maybe.” “Angus is a good boss. He’s been very helpful and supportive with my… particular problem.” “Fur balls?”