Snowballs in Hell - Eve Langlais Quotes:“You celebrate the birth of Christ?” asked David, his brows high in surprise.“Not exactly. As you well know, Christ wasn’t born in December. Nope, we celebrate the solstice by decorating a big ass tree, setting it on fire and dancing naked around it.”I said this so seriously that it took David a minute to realize I was messing with him.I cracked up at the look in his face. “Oh, please. Of course I celebrate Christmas. Like hello, lots of presents for me. Do you really think I’d skip a holiday like that?”“But your dad is Satan…” said David, still puzzled.“Yes, and is there anything more twisted than the world’s current version of Christmas? My dad loves the holidays. He gets totally drunk off the greed and avarice.Not to mention all the fornicating that happens at office parties. It’s his favorite time of the year.”“That’s just sick,” said David with disgust.I couldn’t help it, I giggled. I knew I didn’t want to hear this and wondered if I stuck my fingers in my ears and hummed if David would get the point and go away.[I know the feeling Muri, I so know that feeling =))]“Lucky for us, the magic is starting with the oldest entries first, and those people are already dead. So we have a little time before it hits the live ones.”“Wait a second. Why do you care?” I asked my dad. “As Satan, shouldn’t you be cheering all the evil that’s going to come of this.”My father shook his head. “Aah, Muri. If we don’t stop this, I’m going to be handing down punishments and dealing with paperwork for centuries. It will totally cut into my golf and wenching time.”Now I rolled my eyes. My father, the altruistic one.Hell looked kind of pretty covered in a pristine coat of white snow. Instead of ash trickling from the sky, fluffy snowflakes drifted down. Everywhere I looked, I could see demons bundled in layers and the souls of the damned tobogganing and throwing snowballs, and just having a good time. I liked it.“You know what dad, this is actually a good look for Hell.”I hated fanatics as they always seemed to commit the most horrific crimes in the name of a higher power. And then they had the nerve to question why they ended up in Hell.