Rogue Rider  - Larissa Ione ARC thanks to Netgalley/Grand Central PublishingPublishing Date: November 20, 2012Rating: +++5/5 starsLight spoilers for those who haven't read the other books in the seriesOne of THOSE booksI have to tell you guys that I love everything that I’ve read from Larissa Ione, every book is better than the last. I was expecting to be so blown away by this book, but all the revelations have left me open-mouthed. This book’s main characters are Resph and Jillian. Resph doesn’t remember who he is, doesn’t remember where he’s from, doesn’t remember if he has family… actually the only thing he DOES remember is his name. He’s been dumped in the middle of nowhere, in a snow storm, naked(and boy is he naked!). That’s exactly how our Jillian finds him and takes him in, in her home. As you can imagine this generates a host of problems and dilemmas, but most importantly, a beautiful relationship that springs up between tow very deferent people.I have to confess that usually heroines tend to get on my nerves(my friends haven’t forgiven me from my Kate Daniels ranting yet), but Jillian I actually liked. She is tough, she survive with her mind (mostly) intact from an awful demon attack and her spirit undamaged. She’s funny, sarcastic and managed to take in a complete, intimidating stranger and finds in herself the confidence to trust another man again, even after her deplorable track record. Resph is easy to love even if we remember what his other half did when it/he was in the front row seats. Before the breaking of his seal he was a devil-may-care playboy that went through women like through socks, so it’s amazing to see how grown up and responsible he can be. I loved to read about his and Jillian’s relationship and the way he started to make things better, trying to repair what Pestilence broke in little, tiny pieces. Explaining perfectly all the relationships in this seriesBesides the great hero and heroine this book also had an amazing supporting cast. Seeing the other characters after the Apocalypse has been averted is a little bit deconsecrating. I would say more about what the Horsepeple and their families were doing, but then I would spoil the other people’s fun.The revelations in this book were mind boggling. I suspected them, but when they really happened I was still astounded. Larissa Ione has a way of resolving some things, while, at the same time, leaving a lot of questions behind.All in all this was another great installment in the “Lords of Deliverance” series and I can’t wait to read another book by one of my favorite authors, Larissa Ione.Bonus: what I really think about all those Aegi… guys(so wanted to say another noun here)PS: Some of my favorite quotes are in the status updates :)