Gabriel's Rapture - Sylvain Reynard Buddy read with MaruGave up at the 30% mark. Review for books 1 and 2.The 2*(actually 1.5*) are for the hotness on Gabriel(I am very shallow) and for the movie referencesRant starts here:I can't keep reading this book, it's nicely written(just not for me) and researched but it smacks too much of a low budget soap-opera. He said-she said behavior are getting on my nerves and all those people conspiring to keep them apart or to break them up were too way over the top.Gabriel really is a big A-hole, never thought I'd say this but he's too much of a douche-bag! I have a very high tolerance of BS and drama but this book just has too much of it. Julia is behaves herself like a very nice doormat: stays there and takes it all. The straw that broke the camel's back was her ability to forgive EVERYTHING! This woman hasn't found no unforgivable thing in anything that Gabriel has done not even when she found out that he kept banging the crazy lady who had been pregnant wish his kid! I mean that was even lower then low!. All in all he was a cold A-hole and she was a Mary Sue heroine taken to the extreme. Some of my notes(they are mostly very mean and for the first 15% or so) aka ranting:-"The blue sky blushed to see such passionate lovemaking, while the Florentine sun smiled down, warming the lovers despite the gentle breeze. Beside them, Julia’s coffee and milk grew stone cold and sullen at being ignored." oh come on!!!-this shoe fetish is getting out of hand, I wonder if Julia caught it...-some of the word choices are too much! Jane Austen had nothing on this author!-the only character where I don't find his jealousy hot(I hope it's the 1st and last time)The only thing that I enjoyed in this series(2 books) were the pop culture references, those were great.Now my dedications to:Julia->Gabriel->All the other characters:->