Gates of Rapture (The Guardians of Ascension) - Caris Roane Before starting to write the review I want to thank Netgalley and St. Martin's Press for providing me with the ARCDon't read the review if you're not up to date with the series, it has minor spoilers.Rating: 4.5*Characters: Grace and LetoThe story starts 5 months from where Thorne’s and Marguerite’s book ended. CR sets the scene perfectly, showing us what Leto and Grace are doing at the moment and, at the same time, giving us information of the changes in her world. Leto, the spy playing vampire, was left in a bad shape: recovering from an addiction to dying blood, with no will to live and, besides all that, his breh leaving with a 4th Earth vampire. Grace is in the house of Beatrice(the woman who collects the proverbs and all), more confident, with a new style and determined to go back to 2nd Earth as soon as possible. I liked how CR helped us remember what happened in her last books, the conflict and her characters. It would have been perfect but to me all that fallowed till 20-25% of the book was kind of slow. I wouldn’t have minded it so much if Grace wouldn’t have gotten on my nerves with all her preconceptions. If you have patience and get over the fisrt ¼ of the book you’ll have an amazing story to read. CR wraps all the major plots up, but, thank goodness, opens others. After this book you find more bout 3rd Earth, about James, about Endelle and those scars that were left by Braulio, Grace’s twin, the war, and so much more. I absolutely loved how CR managed to concentrate on the main characters but still gave us details of the life of the other Warriors.Greaves' view of Mortal Earth and 2nd EarthNow, my favorite character in all the series, Endelle’s has major involvement in this book. She is more hopeful about the end of the war, still feels the loss of Thorne as her left hand man, but her fashion sense doesn’t change nor her weird sense of humor. All in all it was a great new installment of the series with lots of action, love and drama. I am very happy it’s not the end of the series and that Caris plans to write the stories of the remaining Warriors and, I hope, of Madam Endelle. PS: Love the cover! I am a sucker for wings.