Beauty and the Beast - Hannah Howell Main characters:Gytha RaouilleThayer Saiturn, the Red DevilWhat I Liked:-the time period-the mostly accurate portrayal of the time period-seeing the life at court -Gytha’s family-Thayer’s son, Bek. He and Roger were the smartest men in the book :DWhat I didn't like:-this will sound bi-polar, but the overlay use of “’tis, nay, aye, mayhap, etc” drove me insane! I know I complain a lot when the language is too.. new in one of my historical, but this one had too much. I want balance, not a headache from rolling my eyes-Thayer’s distrust in his wife, after 60% of the book it became a little tedious-I absolutely hate the names! I have no idea how to pronounce them and I usually read them wrongFavorite character: Gytha, her perseverance and wit made me give such a good ratingMy least favorite character: Elizabeth(chilly woman) Favorite scene: I loved when she made him so mad and he shared his emotions and apologized for being an ass. Favorite quote: “Have you made Gytha mad again?” Bek asked as his father stepped into his bath.“Aye, I fear so.”“But you went to win rewards for her.”“True, but I neglected to ask if she wanted those rewards. Can you scrub my back, son?”Moving to do so, Bek frowned in thought “Is a wife not supposed to be pleased at all her husband does?”It was not easy, but Thayer swallowed his impulse to laugh. “Bek, I will tell you two things about women. Heed me well, now, for you had best remember them. The first is—never do as I do. I fear your poor father knows very little. If I handled a sword as I do women, I should have been killed in my first battle.” He smiled faintly when Bek giggled. “Second—few men are true masters over their women. In truth, I would eye with suspicion any woman who acts as if that is the truth. Either she lies, or she is so dull-witted or weak-spirited that she will make you a tedious wife.”“So you do not really mind that Gytha is angry with you.”“I did not say that.” He grimaced. “T’will depend upon how angry she is and if there is any soothing her.”Would I recommend the book:Yes, it’s well written and fast-paced, has action and a little drama thrown in, strong characters and an interesting setting. Final rating:3.8*