The Seduction of Elliot McBride - Jennifer Ashley 01- JANMain characters:Elliot McBrideJuliana St. JohnWhat I Liked: everything? I hope it counts :DWhat I didn't like: -Favorite character: Juliana for her organization obsession and her ability to understand Elliot and not to... I don't know how to say it... to press him;Elliot because he doesn't run from his emotions and has an unique way to look and act on them;Gemma, Juliana's step-mother, she's very smart and gives good advice;Uncle McGregor and Nandita: they are a constant source of amusement;The Mackenzie family and the McBride one: they always are great supporting characters.My least favorite character: besides the crazy blackmailers, there are no characters that I dislikedFavorite scene: the goat scene, I swear it's one of the best scene in the book!Quotes: “Of course I went to Edinburgh.”His voice held a sharp note, and Juliana found his attention fixed hard on her, his gray eyes glittering silver in the candlelight.“To attend my wedding?” Juliana asked him, her voice faint. “How civil of you.”She’d sent the invitation to Rona inviting The McBride Family. Juliana had told herself that she’d worded the missive that way because she had no way of knowing whether the three younger male McBrides would be in the country for the occasion.But Juliana knew she’d never have been able to pen an invitation to Elliot specifically. Keeping the request general, she’d avoided having to write Elliot’s name.Elliot’s hand, still around hers, gripped harder. “I didn’t go to Edinburgh to attend your bloody wedding. I went to stop it.”Juliana blinked. “To stop…?”His gray gaze was so sharp it cut. “Of course to stop it, lass. Do you think I’d allow anyone but me to marry my Juliana?”“I know I did it all wrong,” Elliot said. “Ainsley would say I’m only a man after all. I did what I did because I didn’t want to give you the chance to say no.”“So you came to my wedding to snatch me from the altar?”“I’m a Highland barbarian. We steal our wives, didn’t ye know?”Would I recommend the book: with no doubt! I'd recommend it to old and new readers of the series. If you're in the mood of a hot highland hero and a strong, smart heroine this is your book. Final rating: 5*