The Lass Wore Black - Karen Ranney ARC courtesy of Edelweiss and Avon.Mild spoilers ahead. Main characters: Mark Thorburn Catriona CameronWhat I Liked: I loved the way Ms. Ranney redeemed Catriona. If you read A Scandalous Scot you would have hated her. She was spoiled, self-absorbed, vain, arrogant, a liar and a woman who would have done anything if she got what she wanted. In this book she grows and becomes a lovely heroine, not in a snap of fingers, but in a truly believable way. Mark is a surprise. I expected the man which whom Catriona will fall in love to be handsome, rich, arrogant and that he would give in all her demands. Mark is all those things, but he is also caring and stubborn and, most importantly, knows when to say no. What I didn't like: The ending seemed a little rushed, but I think that is because I am a sucker for epilogues, and this book didn’t have one.Favorite character: This one was a tough choice, but in the end I choose Catriona. She started as an egotistical girl, but ended up a wonderful woman. Besides what I said before, I would add that I loved that the author made her a little sexual experienced and actually enjoyed bed sport(this sounds kind of lame, but making love wouldn’t have worked :D). We don’t usually see this in romance, and even less in historicals(if the character isn’t a widow and she hates sex, or if she’s not a prostitute or courtesan), but the author made it work. I don’t think it’s bad that I admired this and Catriona... Do you?:P My least favorite character: The maid Artis. She’s a turncoat and then expects to be welcomed back! And let’s not forget Andrew who is an idiot. What normal person would go around and kill the people who don’t return their love?! This reminds me of Andrew Favorite scene: the first time he bullied Catriona into eating, very entertaining. Favorite quote: "She was his. Catriona Cameron, beauty, termagant, spoiled, willful, surprising, ever-changing, was his, if only for tonight."“Catriona, you have to be the most infuriating woman I’ve ever known.”She glanced up at him. He was frowning at her.“Then you can’t possibly want to marry me.”“Of course I do.”“As you see,” she said tightly, “I’ve been just fine without you.”“Have you?”Another nod.He slowly buttoned her nightgown. “I haven’t,” he said.She glanced at him, startled by his words.“All my patients have noticed. ‘Are you feeling well, Dr. Thorburn?’ ‘Is anything amiss, Dr. Thorburn? You seem distracted.’ I am distracted,” he added. “My life hasn’t been the same since I met you.”She didn’t know whether to be insulted or pleased.Would I recommend the book: For sure! I am not one for book that don’t fallow the usual pattern(look at that book by Millan that I just DNFed), but this one is great! It started with the “Beauty and the Beast” trope, but it grew in so much more. Ms. Karen Ranney wrote a book before this one with Catriona’s sister, but it’s not mandatory to read it, though it does make this story better if you read that one before. Final rating:5*