How to Capture a Countess - Karen Hawkins Main characters: Rose BalfourLord Alton "Sin" SinclairWhat I Liked: Rose and Sin's interactions were hilarious, they just couldn't stop challenging each other. They had an archery challenge, a riding one... I think they could have challenged each other to whom eats more teacakes if they could get away with it! It was a great book and I laughed like crazy while reading it.What I didn't like: I didn't like Rose at the start, she was too... naive and impulsive. I know she was very young but that got on my nerves. But that was little besides what an idiot Sin was. He just couldn't recognize his own feelings.Favorite character: the Duchess of Roxburghe! She was so crafty and meddlesome but in such a good way, that I just couldn't not like her.My least favorite character: I can't they there was one. All characters were endearing in a way, especially the hoard of pugs :DFavorite scene: I loved Sin's proposal, it was very romantic.Would I recommend the book: I sure would. It's a easy to read book, perfect for an afternoon when you want to relax after a tiresome day. Final rating: 4.3*