Pride Mates -  Jennifer Ashley 02 FEB: Foreigners do it better! Main characters: Kim FraserLiam MorrisseyWhat I Liked: This is the first book in the series so it had a lot of world building, it wasn’t so boring as you would want to tear you hair out, but it was… noticeable. The book starts with Kim going to Liam for information about shifters in general and Brian, her client, in particular. The book had a great start but along the way I felt it slipping away from me. The writing is good, but we’re talking about Jennifer Ashley so that was expected :D The world she describes is full of prejudice and discriminations. I loved that she wasn’t afraid to expand on it since our world is exactly the same… Another thing that stuck with me was the species mingeling and leaving together: we have canines, cats and bears that manage not to tear their throats out. It’s a different take on the shifter books that worked well in this story, The shifter communityWhat I didn't like: It seemed that Brian’s case was just an excuse for Liam and Kim to meet, it didn’t feel to me that the plot revolved around it. The same with Kim’s job, it was there only to make the book look nice… I also felt that the ending wasn’t satisfying. Liam sends her away to “live with her people” and the only excuse she has to come back is because she’s pregnant! What’s with that? It left me looking at the book bemused and wanting to read more. I turned the page expecting it to continue and I was confronted with a nice “The End”. It felt that the author chose the easy way out, and I didn’t like it at all. Favorite character: Liam! He really is a knight in shining armor. He’s smart, funny, has a big heart and is willing(and does sacrifice) his freedom for the wellbeing of others. And he’s very hot!My least favorite character: Fergus who was supposed to be the alpha, compassionate and with his people well being as a first objective, was nothing but a bully! Liam’s family :DFavorite scene: The breakfast at Liam’s house :D I loved how the men washed the dishes, cooked and didn’t let Kim help. I think you can guess why I liked that most =))Would I recommend the book: Mostly yes. It’s a good start to a new series and I have to read the next book to be sure if I want to continue the series. I wanted it to sweep me of my feet and I think that’s why I am a bit disappointed in the story. Final rating: 3.4*