If You Give a Rake a Ruby - Shana Galen I received the book for a honest review from the authorI had heart palpitations when I read that :))Main characters: Fallon, Marchioness of MysteryWarrick FitzhughAbout the story:The book starts with Fallon kicking someone out of her parlor, literally, and finding Warrick in her bedroom. When I read it I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s one of the best starts I’ve read lately, and a sure way to interest me in reading more. Now, back to the plot, Warrick wants information only Fallon has and goes about finding it in one of the oldest way of the world: blackmailing her. And if that’s not enough, he ropes her in helping him find the man who bought the diamonds in the rough. After this, a story of mystery, adventure and love follows.I liked this book a lot more then the 1st in the series([b:When You Give a Duke a Diamond|14296766|When You Give a Duke a Diamond (Jewels of the Ton, #1)|Shana Galen|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348253050s/14296766.jpg|19938499]), I loved the banter between the 2 main characters, their backgrounds and the whole story in general. Ms. Galen wrote great back stories that still affect our main characters. Fallon has a crappy father that used her and didn’t appreciate her at all and Warrick, while he had a great childhood, suffers from PTSD and survivors guilt. Besides those, it had some bad-ass action scenes: a carriage chaise, an interrogation, and some others I’ll let you discover for yourself :D. Favorite character: The Countess of Sinclair who is amazing and scares everyone :D! She has a devious mind, and though we don’t see a lot of her, she has some of the most memorable scenes. Favorite scene: There are a lot of great scenes throughout the book but I love the scene after carriage ride the most, with the accent on the bandaging part. It’s very sensual and sexy, without the author overdoing it. Favorite quote: “Oh my!” The countess pressed her hands together. “You’re in love with him.”Fallon frowned. “And why does that make you look so pleased? You told me a few days ago not to fall in love with him.”“Only because I knew that would make you fall in love with him.”Fallon glanced at Lily, but Lily only shook her head, looking as confused as Fallon felt.“Oh, you were already in love with him,” the countess explained, seeping her tea. “But I knew telling you not to fall in love with him would only make you more so.”“That’s ridiculous,” Fallon protested. “I’m not that contrary.”The countess raised her brows and sipped her tea. Fallon looked at Lily, but Lily suddenly intensely interested in her white gauze sleeves.“Fine.” Fallon sighted “I am contrary.” Would I recommend the book: I liked it a lot, though when I first started to read the series I didn't expect to, since courtesan books are not among my favorites. It’s well written, has very likable characters, an interesting plot and a touch of mystery to make it… more. You can read this one without reading the 1st in the series, though you’ll miss some references and I think knowing what happens in it enriches the experience. Ms. Galen finishes the book in a way that sets the last story in the series perfectly, without taking my enjoyment in the HEA(though it does make me very curious :P). Final rating:5*PS: The cover is beautiful! I love looking at it, the art department people did and awesome job and got inspired in one of the dresses from the book(Fallon wears it at a ball, you have to read to find out which) :D