Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks Reading with Maru and AureTheir reviews here:http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/528858644http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/506079420Main characters: Genevive McInnisBowen Montgomery What I Liked: The story starts where the other book left off. We meet Genevive who is a great girl, though she was a little bit confusing to me… We learn what she suffers at the hands of Ian and his clan which breaks my heart, I couldn’t believe people would treat other people like that. Bowen is my knight in shining armor, though at the start he was a little brusque, he became one of the most great heroes in any of Ms. Banks’ books. The action is fast-paced and the romance is very sweet, it was a pleasure to read. I loved how the places were described, it helped me imagine them and enriched the book for me.This period wasn’t one of them good times, if you know what I meanWhat I didn't like: Too much drama! It was just overflowing and I got a little sick of it, but after some chapters I got over it and more immersed in the story… and could ignore most of it :DFavorite character: It’s hard to decide between Bowen and Genevive since both of them were great. I loved Genevive’s courage, honesty and honor, she chose the good road even when it was harder or not in her well-being. Bowen is loving, arrogant without being overbearing and smart, besides that I loved that he respected Genevive and didn’t condemn her for the sins of the others. My least favorite character: The McHugh clan. I hated their guts! I think the picture explains it betterFavorite scene: *mild spoiler ahead* The reunion of Bowen and Genevive was very sweet and will remain one of my favorites from the entire book though there were others. Seeing how unhappy they both were apart, but still doing it thinking only of the other’s comfort made their meeting more joyful.Would I recommend the book: I recommend it for anyone who loves sweet romance stories, historicals or strong characters. Final rating:4.5*ARC received from Edelweiss