Never Too Far - Abbi Glines Buddy read with Maru(you saved my life, if not for the Whathsapp venting I would have shot someone :D)Rating: 4*, I had moments when I wanted to give it 2, but then it improved. Rush: Blair: Maru: Halloo Peeps!! Joint reviews duo extraordinaire is back!! We´re here to review Never too far by Abbi Glines. Aly, I know I bullied this series into your reading listAly: It's cool, I enjoyed it Maru: So tell me ... what did you think of the story overall?Aly: Even the wtf moments :)) It was kind of convoluted and the guy kept going hot and coldMaru: Hahaaha...and what WTF moments they were!!Aly: That drove me insane and I wanted to slap him, repeatedly. How about you?Maru: Ahaha yeah...I had the same reaction more than once towards Rush. I really enjoyed it, though I thought it was super short!!!Aly: I wanted to slap her as well :)) I believe in equality here Maru: After the last chapter I was drooling was an epilogue but noting was there. Ahaahah I second that!Aly: Yhea, an epilogue would have been great. Maybe we'll see more in Woods' book.Maru: I know right?? I think she will continue the story in the upcoming books. And maybe we´ll get super lucky and she´ll write a 5th book for Rush and Blaire. Now for the plot of the second book?? What are your thoughts?Aly: Hmmm... maybe a novella, I think a whole book would push it. The 2nd book I kind of predicted, you know I did :)) I got really mad when I was right though, these people really should communicate more. What did you think about it?Maru: Yes!!!! I think that if communicated more, there would´ve been half the drama. I loved Betsy and Woods!!Aly: Which secondary character did you like the most? Why?Maru: Woods I think....he was like the knight to the rescue but didn´t get the girl...I laughed when Grant tell Rush at the hospital that he should call Blaire otherwise the kid was going to have woods surname! What about you??Aly: I think Bethy. She was a great friend, though she had some stupid adviceMaru: it´s Bethy?? Why do I ever call her Betsy? LOL yeah agreed!!Aly: :))Maru: What do you think of how Rush reacted to Nan´s accident?Aly: Over-reacted. And he has his priorities screwed. I mean, come on, I know you love your sister, but think of your baby and the woman you supposedly loveMaru: I don´t know how someone should react towards those news, but leaving your pregnant fiancé alone and then not call her and leave her thinking that she doesn´t fit into your life is not how someone should reactAly: I still think she gave up too fast, she should have made him grovelMaru: yeah just little more...suffer dude!!!!!Aly: I think we are mean :))Maru: hahaha yeah....but he kinda makes up in the sex department I forgave all his screw ups with the great sex and the proposal...but then he blew itAly=))))))))))) What about the dad?Maru: Oh my excuses for all his BS...he needs to grow a pair!!! All the shite he put Blair and her mother through, I get all the guilt, but dude see therapist, don´t leave your family!! What did you think?Aly: Well, I agree with all that you said. He was such a coward, not even going to the funeral? That was very low. And Rush's mother wasn't any better.Maru: 100% agreed, no wonder Nan was such a bitch to everyoneAly: Another screwed up character I can't say that any of them were normal :)) Besides the characters, I really loved the setting.Maru: Yeah me tooAly: Leaving by the ocean and seeing all that magnificence *sigh*Maru: it was soo GG...the rich, the poor at the country club! LOLAly: Hmmm, I think it was more like RevengeMaru: Oh my gosh!! You´re right!!! Ahahaha. It was the southern version of RevengeAly: exactly :))))Maru: That should be the title of our review! Ok, so anything else you wanna discuss?Aly: :)) Yep, the names! They drove me crazy Rush made me think of rash and in uncomfortable places too :)) and then Woods. Am I the only one thinking about an erection? Maru: HahahaaAly: come on!!! The girl names were ok though…Maru: I didn´t mind them, I think I was used to the names since I read her other series. I liked them.Aly: Though this Blair didn't live up to Blair from GG that I kept comparing her to. I am shallow in that...Maru: ahahaha...of course!! One is Upper East Side and the other one is country side. No way they were gonna be alike....maybe you could compare GG´s Blair with NanAly: Not only that... Just her character, the way she let everyone trample over her. I don't know... Nan reminded me of Jenny, kind of petulant when she didn't get what she wanted.Maru: Hahaah...yeah...I hated Blaire´s friend. I don´t remember the dudes name, saying he loves her but goes fuck another chick?Aly: Cain?Maru: Yes, himAly: He was weak and he was a 16 year old dude, the hormones made him do it :))Maru: oh gawd...he was as lame as fuck. ahaha yeah, they always blame the hormones or the alcoholAly: or both :))))))))Maru: ditto! Aly: Btw I have a question: Rush's dad, he alive?Maru: yes, but he only gives him money not loveAly: but not even an appearance?Maru: nopeAly: or a cameo or smth?Maru: nope, just moneyAly: I think that's my obsession with tying loose ends Maru: he may appear in the upcoming books, you never knowAly: trueMaru: So...for the rating? I´m going with 4.5 you?Aly: For both of them a 3.5-4* from me