The Marriage Betrayal - Lynne Graham Main characters: Tally Spencer Sander VolakisWhy I added the book: I don't remember why... I think I was in one of my "Oh, billionaires! Cool." moods.About the book: The book started well, Tally is a 20 year old college student who comes from a broken family. Her dad kind of orders her to go with her younger half-sister to a house party to keep her out of trouble. There every girl behaves atrociously since he's the "hired help" but she meets the attractive Sander who wants to bed her. They have some mishaps, he goes to fast and she keeps rebuffing him(which was funny). This part was so good that considered giving it 5*, but, evidently, stuff went bad. Sander keeps being an a-hole the whole book and Tally becomes a 80% Mary Sue character. I can't say more about what made me lower the rating so much without spoiling this more, just let me tell you that it's kind of predictable... All in all I liked the novel, though I was disappointed that it took such a turn. I'll be starting part 2 very soon. Would I recommend the book: It's ok for a fast read and the writing is pretty good. It has the stereotypical characters from a Harlequin Presents book. Final rating: 3.5*