Bride for Real - Lynne Graham Main characters: TallySanderWhy I added the book: It's the sequel of The Marriage Betrayal.About the book:The 2nd novel starts about 1 year and a half from where the either one left of. Evidently things went south and now Tally and Sander are in the process of divorce. They managed to f*uck things up and now Sander is trying to reconcile. I can't begin to tell you how much Tally got on my nerves. She's judgmental, has double standards and keeps making stupid decisions. She accuses Sander of keeping her out and ignoring her, but, actually, she's the one to blame. She's convinced that she's always right and can't accept responsibility. I didn't say that Sander is perfect, far from it, but at least he is trying and he's honest... All in all I can't see what he finds in her.The writing was good and the story had some funny moments. The secondary characters got a little better: Tally's mom is becoming self reliant(who would have thought?!) and her dad is finally fixing their relationship(not that she deserves it). Would I recommend the book: In a way it was better then the 1st, but it's also worse. Anyway, to read this one you definitely have to start with book 1. Having said that, I don't believe in the character's HEA and on their marriage on the long term...Final rating: 2.5-3*PS:This review was a good way to relax for me :D