Kiss of Steel - Bec McMaster Buddy read with the fellow Dark SidersWe usually start with character pictures, but today we are rebels! Here’s Blade and Honoria’s London by artist Eddie Mendoza( Aly: Hello dears, today we are reviewing one of our Dark Side group read. It was a pleasure to read with all the girls. Now, Maru, how do you feel about this book?Maru: I really liked, I had super high hopes for it and it almost fulfill them all. What about you?Aly: Kind of the same way. It was confusing but it went great in the end.Maru: Yes, agreed! at the beginning I said lots of WTF, but towards the end I was all "ahhh so that´s why"Aly: Yhea, so was I! Till 40-50% I had no idea what the book or the world was about. How do you feel about the world? Did you think the author created an unique one?Maru: Mmm not unique like Nalini Singh´s worlds, but I think what she created was enough to get me hooked on the seriesAly:On that note, nobody writes like Nalini :D Back to our book, I didn't understand her Blue bloods. And why they got turned or where they came from...Maru: Yeah me either, she didn´t give enough information about them.Aly: Besides that she had kind of a standard stempunk world.Maru: Just did a small mention, about a dude from a royal family or something like that, but that was it, yes.Aly: The MCs, who did you like most? Blade or Honoria?Maru: I liked both, Honoria was a strong heroine who didn´t take shit from anyone and Blade was a good enough hero, I liked him a lot. What do you think about them?Aly: And she did anything for her family, I really respected that. I can't say that anything popped up about them to make them spectacular, but they were a great mach.Maru: yeah me too, she was super kickassAly: Both of them were strong and compassionate and really loved their family and friend(in my aging years I a starting to really look for that in my MCs :D)Maru: Hahaha...yeah me too. I liked Blade´s sidekicks, Lucas was his name? the werewolf?Aly: Or William? [a few minutes later] I looked it up: William aka Will D:Maru: Hahahaha...I´m still thinking about NS´s hero LOLAly: Yhea Some books really stay with you :)) From the side character, who stayed with you?Maru: Ok, so back to the book....I was mad to guess who the evil vamp wasAly: :)) I kind of new it from the 30% mark. I am glad that I wasn't the only one who figured it out. Now back to my Q: From the side character, who stayed with you?Maru: Mmmm I don´t know LOL maybe Honoria or BladeAly: Side characters love Maru: wait side character....Will. LOLAly: I think I liked the 1/2 brother blueblod... who's name I can't remember Maru: Yeah he was cool tooAly: How do you see this series progressing?Maru: I hope it goes towards epicness. i liked the story overall, I´m not a huge fan of steampunk, but I like the series so far. you?Aly: So did I. I think if she explains the world better and how things work I'll like it more. Now, because I am curious, what attracted you to the book? For me it was the Paul coverMaru: 4stars to 4.5 stars. You??Aly: We are again in accord, 4* for me as well, from which 0.5* are all for Paul and the cover(more for Paul though :D)