Sold to the Sheikh (Club Volare #1) - Chloe Cox This book is a surprise, I didn't expect to like it :D It was interesting though some times it was a little bit disturbing. The story started too fast, we didn't get enough back story and the scene didn't feel set to me. The characters were interesting and felt real. Stella is a divorcée that got burned, her ex-husband was a total a-hole! She's caring and sweet and has a lot of courage to face her problems, and most importantly, to stand up to Sheikh Bashir. The hero, the sheik(I love saying and writing that :D) is hot, very-very hot and has moments of sweetness. They make a great couple and, in the end, manage to solve all their problems. I loved the setting. The club and the story are set in New York City, which I love. The author does a great job of presenting the story and the characters.But, since there always is a but, :D the story felt too rushed. Some of the scenes were too much and the dude managed to get on my nerves sometime. All in all it was an enjoyable read. Rating: 3.5