The Dom Who Loved Me  - Lexi Blake I was in a D/s-book-mood for the week and I was lucky to read only great books, I love it when it happens!This book here is a blend of D/s and suspense, and it's done fantastically! The author builds great characters, has an interesting plot, there's the adrenalin to mention and she has amazing secondary characters who's stories I can't wait to read. The story starts with a meeting. A client hires the McKay/Taggart Security Services to track down one eco-terrorist. Everything would have been easy and straightforward if the CIA wasn't involved. As you can guess, nothing is as it seems with that OP.Sean is designated to go undercover at the suspected firm where the men was supposed to work and find out what he wants and how he plans to achieve it. There he meets Grace, the admin of the CEO. He's a dom, she's a submissive and sparks fly. It would have been ok if he doesn't think she's involved with the plot and he wouldn't, also, be lying to her. Misunderstandings occur but I love how both of them are courageous and face their fears and, in the end, they stay as a couple. Grace's bossAll in all it was a lovely read and I will be starting the next book soon :D