Wicked Ties - Shayla Black 2.3*I wanna change Massachusetts with Romania, works here as well...Wow... This was like a bad Z-movie, a bad porn, Z-movie(and I am claiming artistic license for any repetitions or pleonasm :D)! The hero is a bully who doesn't know what he wants and the heroine kept along with him... He's an a-hole to her, fu*ks up the D/s concept and send her supposed fiancé(actually, her half brother) a sex video with them. After that he thinks she won't understand why he wants revenge on her "fiancé", as though it's normal to lure a woman to you, f*ck her, lie to her and change her perception of herself, but she should just go along... The "hero"I have no words to explain how much this book made me cringe, wince and roll my eyes. What makes it worse is the fact that the start and the blurb were pretty good and I started to have hopes for it, but they were trampled to death. Furthermore the word choices were just WRONG: who the hell says "his stalk", or another great example "muscle slabs"; yes, both of them in regard to sex, I don't find them sexy or alluring or attractive, just the contrary! When anyone says "slab" my mind jumps to a dead cow or the morgue, I can't help it!All in all:On a side note, this was a good way to let go of my stress.