Portrait in Death - J.D. Robb I forgot to add one of my favorite quotes from the book:"What's that? Is that chocolate? Real chocolate?""What?" Panicked, Eve shoved the hand behind her back. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm working here.""I can smell it." To prove it, Peabody sniffed the air like a wolf. "That's not chocolate substitute, that's not soy. That's real goods.""Maybe. And it's mine.""Just let me have a little—" Peabody's gasp was shocked and heartfelt as Eve stuffed the remaining chunk in her mouth. "Oh, Dallas." She swallowed hard. "That was very childish.""Uh-uh. And delicious," Eve added with her mouth full. "What've you got?""I don't have chocolate breath, that's for damn sure." At Eve's arch look, she pokered up. "While others, who will remain nameless, were stuffing their face with candy, I diligently pursued an angle in the investigation that I believe might be of some interest to the incredibly selfish candy-hog primary.""It was dark chocolate.""You're a mean person and will probably go to hell.""I can live with that."[I would have done the same thing as Dallas =))]