Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase Rating: 3.5*The first 20-30% almost bored me to death, but it got better for me after that. Summer 2013 Read AlongAfter reading Cory's fab review Dee and I have decided to buddy read this one on the 14th of June. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome to (leave a comment to let us know you're taking part).Come on it's currently only 0.99$ to buy in the kindle store and on barnes and noble - how can you resist that bargain??Current Participants:1.Me2.Dee3.Cory (she's decided to re-read with us)4.Sarah5.Stacia6.PJ7.Anzu8.Ange9.Laura10.Miranda11.Alexis12.Jenny13.MaruIf you decide to join us please help spread the word so we can get as many people taking part as possible!