Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost 2nd read, 24th March 2013:(Re)read with Maru, Sarah, Ange and anyone else who wants to join!I liked it more then the 1st time!Quote:“I get that you come from a time when using a person’s family as blackmail was probably all the rage,” I snapped, “but it’s not cool to do in the twenty-first century! Seriously, how is this surprising to you?”His brow arched. “We weren’t lovers when I first put your family under surveillance.”“You’re trying to get off on a technicality?” My voice rose in disbelief on the last word.1st read, 26th June 2012:Spring 2013?! That's a world away!One of the best books JF has ever written! Vlad is fascinating and so much more fun and appealing then the halfway insane dude I learned about in school. Leila is a badass heroine and I liked how she became more confident in herself and how she started to tackle problems instead of running from them.Vlad's mottoThe only thing that was... unbelievable and impossible(grin) were the roads JF talked about. I swear that Romania has the most fucked up infrastructure ever.