His at Night - Sherry Thomas 2nd read July 2013This book is amazing! I love it even more then the 1st time. On a side note, it's one of the books that also makes me cry, a lot! I can't explain why. 1st read October 2011Gender: Historical Romance (Years: 1890-1900) Hero: Spencer Russell Blandford Churchill Stuart or "Penny", Marquees VereHeroine: Miss Elissande EdgertonRating: 5*+I don't know how to explain why I loved this book, but I did. The hero was very intelligent and funny and he played the role of an idiot so good that he should have been an actor. Vere had his moments of being a little bit mean and ignorant(not much, but a little :D) but he was a great character. I absolutely loved his need for justice, he did so much good with that. Another thing I like was the way he recognized his mistakes(near the end of the book) and started to make amends after that.The heroine was also great, she wasn’t the usual empty headed girl who cared only about fashion and parties and she wasn’t annoying either(which from me is a high compliment indeed). She was courageous and I don’t know how she survived her uncle so normal, the guy was mental! I hated the uncle! He was a classic abuser and psychopath, if you ask me he should be in “Criminal Minds”! He played the perfect husband and uncle but underneath all that he was a monster! Ms Thomas created a great villain even though it made my skin crawl to read about him.All in all the book had everything: drama, great characters(secondary characters too) and plot, and it made me laugh and cry(which is a bad thing right now, with me being cold since I couldn’t breath after that but hey, a great book is a great book :D).PS: I would love an epilogue right about now :DPPS: Not ashamed to say that I chose the book for the cover, thank God that it didn’t suck or I really would have stopped this practice… Or maybe not *angel face*