My Liege of Dark Haven - Cherise Sinclair 2nd read August 4 to 5, 20131st read: March 15 to 17, 2013Before staring to say something about the book I want to thank Maru for suggesting we buddy-read this series and for getting me out of my reading and emotional funk :DThis is me after finishing this series and especially this bookOh my goodness! I loved this book! It's just.... I am speechless! Ms Sinclair surpassed herself! Besides gushing like a crazy woman I don't know if I have anything intelligent to say... Xavier Leduc is the hero of this book, and when I say hero I really mean it! He's my favorite male character this year! He's compassionate, hot, understanding, intelligent, sexy, strong and the list goes on. He is one of the best doms I've read about, even if he makes a stupid male mistake, though he apologizes and then makes everything better *sigh* Abby is a teacher who is in a time crises to find a great article inspiration and as you have guessed she chooses the BDSM community. She's sweet, an animal lover, caring and wants to solve everyone's problems, at the risk of her well-being. This would all have been good if she weren't revealed as an observer of the club who wants to write about them. Everything goes up in the air after that... I'll let you guys imagine and read what happens next.All in all this was a perfect book and I know I will re-read it often.