Release - Beth Kery It's a 3.5* actually, but my generosity knows no bounds.I never thought I'd say this: it would have been an amazing book if they had less sex and more talking. The MCs were complete idiots! They never talked about their problems and the misconception that the other killed her husband. I mean how come they never thought to ask?! They went at it like rabid monkeys but never ask the thing that kept them apart for 3 years. That is not normal! Why not, in between bouts, go and say: "Oh, Sean I wanted to ask you: did you kill my husband? Not that I have a problem with it and anything, but just in case... " or"Genny, all those years I protected you and I love you, but in case we have to deal with this again: did you kill Max?"It was THAT simple! The whole intrigue was based on this thing, one protecting the other from the police and an idiot who was blackmailing them. However, I have no other problems with the characters or the story. Genevieve was a generous person, strong and reliable. Sean was protective, sneaky and smart. Both of them won me over with their quirks, love and their capacity to sacrifice for the happiness and well-being of the other.