The Arrangement - Mary Balogh This book, like the 1st in the series, was like a breath of fresh air. I was in no mood for drama or stupid decisions and this book delivered perfectly: it is a story of 2 damaged people who heal each other and make their relationship happy, and most importantly, work when almost everyone was skeptical.The heroine, Sophia, was orphaned at 15 when her rake of a father dies in a duel. She's shuffled 1st to a self absorbed aunt, who dies after 3 years, and then to the family of another aunt. They manage to destroy the little self esteem she still had, belittle her and, when she's lucky, they ignore her. When I read about how crappy they were with her I wanted to go into the book and hand their ass*s to them. Amazingly she still held on to her humor and principles.The hero, Vincent Hunt, Viscount Darleigh, was blinded in the war and his family[mother, grandmother and sisters] keep treating him like he didn't only lose his sight but also his brains in the war. He tries to keep them happy but in the end runs from his own home[literally] when they try to make him marry. He's beautiful, intelligent, charming and has a great sens of humor, but feels smothered by his family. After some weeks away from home, Vincent decides to go to the village where he was born into and spent his childhood in. While there, Sophia saves him from her aunt and cousin who tried to trick him into marriage and is thrown out from home. Naturally, he feels responsible so he proposes to her a marriage of convenience: she isn't destitute and left all alone in the world and he will regain his independence from his female relatives with her help.After they are married they support each other: he helps her rebuild her confidence and self esteem and she aids him to become more independent with her great ideas(training a dog to use as his eyes, building railings in the park of his estate so he doesn't need to be attended by others while he walks, etc). I loved watching them become self-reliant, but, at the same time, so in love with each other. I haven't read a novel from Ms. Balogh in some time but she still writes magnificently. I savored this book from start to finish and in my review I didn't even manage to cover all the lovely points of the characters' relationship with each other or their friends and acquiescences. I can't wait to read more novels with Vincent's friends from their self-appointed Survivors Club and I recommend this book with all my heart to anyone who wants a surprising and wonderful read for the afternoon.Me while reading and after finishing the book