Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James Gender: Contemporary Erotica(kind of)Hero: Christian GrayHeroine: Anastasia SteeleRating: 3.5*Let me say first that I didn't expect to like this book. I was soooo wrong!I don't even know where to start to write this :)) What made me want to start it:-the cover(I knew I had good instincts regarding it:D)-my friend Angela that said it was amazing(and it was)-and, the moment I saw Mrs James had made a play-list for it I was sold :DRegarding the story:The character that I loved most, you don't even have to think about it, is Christian Gray. He is one of the most complex characters that I've ever read about! He is charming, domineering(I even liked this side :))), sweet(when he likes to be), funny, has a great(ok, warped) sense of humor, he even has some small moments when he's vulnerable... You never know what he'll do. I don't know how to give him justice, really, he's just too much and sometimes not enough.Anastasia is sweet and a little bit naive. She expects so much from Christian and she's doesn't give him enough time. She is impulsive and stubborn(this I like :D) and has a tendency to over-analyze everything. The thing that annoyed me to no end(sorry Angela, but I really couldn't get over this thing*shrug*) was the way she talked to the voices in her head, she's the "my voices tell me you're weird"-type.The Taylor dude creeped me out! He was everywhere all the time! So did that housekeeper... If it was me I would make them stay out or, I don't know, fire them :DI loved the names and the flow of the story. Mrs James has a way of writing that makes me want more, that's why I stayed after 5AM to finish the story, I couldn't help myself :D