Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James Gender: Contemporary Erotica(kind of) Hero: Christian Gray Heroine: Anastasia Steele soon to be Gray :DRating: 4*I loved this book even more! I don't know what to say to do this book justice.First of all Anastasia's inner talk has grown on me :D I think I was so captivated about the plot and Christian and their relationship that I've not even noticed her "inner goddess"-talk. I liked all the new characters and Taylor too :)) That Elena chick though, I can't believe she is this mental! She just couldn't keep her opinions to herself. I know she still loved(in her twisted way) Christian, but she sure doesn't know when to shut up. I have a feeling she'll do something really stupid in the last book.I can't wait for Mrs. James next book. So far her "Fifty Shades" books have made me laugh, cry, think about what I would do if I were any of her characters, it was an awesome journey :)