A Most Scandalous Proposal

A Most Scandalous Proposal - Ashlyn Macnamara ARC courtesy of Random House Publishing via Edelweiss This review is for about 75% of the book(the first 16 chapters and the last one)Main characters: Julia and BenedictSophia and HighgateMy love of covers…What I Liked: Well… nothing really, besides the cover. I read on and on in hopes of finding something that I liked, but I couldn’t. The story is about 2 sisters who eventually find their happiness. We have Sophia, who suffers from bad-love syndrome as she’s mooning after an idiot who doesn’t want her and could never be faithful to only one woman, and Julia who after she sees what that “love” has done to her sister wants to remain unmarried. As you can understand that doesn’t happen and both of them end with men that they hadn’t expected. What I didn't like: This will be very long :D First of all there were too many clichés! I never thought I’d say that, but after reading one after the other it just drove me crazy! We have the friends to lovers one(Julia and Benedict), the unrequited love(Sophia and Clivesden), the beauty and the beast( Sophia and Highgate), and the usual gossipy old woman who appears evil and crazy, but actually is perceptive and unhappy. Besides this collection(which if I think hard enough I could add to) we have lots of drama, for example: Sophia always almost-swoons when she sees Clivesden, there’s a lot of “I love you even if you don’t love me”-stuff and I couldn’t take it anymore. Favorite character: I might like Julia a little, but not much. She’s smart, but unfortunately doesn’t uses her mind often.My least favorite character: All of them! The male leads are underdeveloped, the sisters are annoying and some of the time from the TSTL category, the parents are plain stupid, all the other secondary characters are boring and one-dimensional…Favorite scene: There is good one at the start of the book, but I can’t put my finger on it. The book wasn’t that bad, but closeWould I recommend the book: Not really, I didn’t finish it. I understand that this is a debut but trying to cram it full of what’s supposed to be romancelandia’s favorite clichés is a bad idea, just makes the book appear even more unremarkable. There are no memorable characters and the whole plot is kind of weak. All in all I can’t even see if the author has potential or not because I couldn’t concentrate on her voice, all that recycled stuff taking my eyes off. Final rating:2.5*