My Lord and Spymaster

My Lord and Spymaster - Joanna Bourne I am so happy that this book had Adrian! He is a sweetheart and I loves him :D Lazarus is an intriguing character also...Quotes I love:“I want that woman out of my house.”Adrian shrugged. “I want reliable mail service to St. Petersburg in the winter. We must both live with disappointment. ”Adrian joined him at the window. “I’ll see you in Garnet Street at midnight, outside the Whitby warehouse. What does one wear to ransack a warehouse? Black, I think, and the charcoal waistcoat. Tasteful, yet understated.”“I wonder what she’ll do when she finds out we’ve searched here and in her office.” He pulled the curtain closed.“Something drastic.” Adrian sounded pleased.Adrian sat on the edge of the table in front of the lantern, blocking most of the light. “If you feel the need to discuss that with him, don’t break the bones in his right hand. I need them. Why am I talking to you instead of eavesdropping on Whitbys?”“Common decency.”“A virtue in short supply hereabouts. Did I explain to you that we’re spies? Surely I mentioned that at some point.”“Give her some privacy with her father. She doesn’t have many more hours with him before he hangs.”“I’d rather not hang him at all, thank you.”She spent so much of her life dealing with people who were more larcenous than she was, she felt almost honest in comparison.