The Dragon and the Pearl

The Dragon and the Pearl - Jeannie Lin 02Main characters: Ling SuyinLi TaoWhat I Liked: The author has created a wonderful world, this is so much better then the other books that I've read by her, it doesn't even compare! I loved reading about China in the Tang dynasty, and then researching it on my own. Chinese traditions and history are very... complex and fascinating and Ms. Lin wrote about them beautifully. Her characters are believable and have hopes and dreams and problems, her story line is mysterious and manages to make you ask yourself if you really understand all that you're reading about, or if you're only understanding the suffice actions. Above all, I loved that she didn't leave the story open and delivered a satisfying end to the story. Favorite character: Suyin was the bast character in this book. She's just amazing! I just don't know how to describe her.Favorite scene: The festival with the lanterns, forgot the name, it had a surreal quality to it. Would I recommend the book: I recommend it with all my heart! It was a break from what I mostly read and I enjoyed every minute of it. Final rating: 5*PS: The cover is just gorgeous! The woman looks exactly like I imagine Suyin would.