The Great Escape

The Great Escape - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I love all SEP's books, but the characters and the books in general keep getting better and better!I didn't expect Lucy to get so... of the normal path, really. She started as a tough teen who'd do anything to keep her sister healthy and happy then ended a very responsible adult. In this book she goes a little crazy, like a normal teenager would have, if she wouldn't have been the president's daughter. I like how she figured out what she wanted and then fought for it.Panda(my mouth fell open when I read the name, I don't joke), real name Patrik though, is a tough bodyguard and he really doesn't know how to handle his attraction to Lucy and the feelings developing. In the end he does what any respectable men would do, run for his life.I would say more but then I'll spoil the book to much :DI can't wait to see the next work of SEP, it really can't come soon enough(though I think I'll have to wait more then a year for it)