Risk No Secrets

Risk No Secrets - Cindy Gerard I'm in a quotes-for-review mood so here we go :D“He’s hurt.” Sophie gasped when she walked out of the bedroom and saw the shiner Mendoza was sporting on his right eye.“What happened?” Wyatt looked away from her kiss-swollen lips and gloriously untidy hair and prayed to God that the guys would think she’d been catching a cat nap.“I keep telling him he needs glasses,” Doc said, feeling the needed to intervene on Mendoza’s behalf.“I do not need glasses,” Mendoza grumbled, reluctantly allowing Sophie to lead him into the kitchen.Doc grunted. “Then why did you run headlong into that asshole’s fist?”Mendoza expelled a breath of annoyance, while Sophie hurriedly gathered ice from the freezer and dumped it into a zip-lock bag. “Because I didn’t see it coming.”Triumphant, Doc lifted his hands. “I rest my case.”“Will somebody please shut him up?”“God love him!” Doc proclaimed, sniffing the air and following his nose to the kitchen. “Mendoza cooked.”Wyatt stood back as Doc barreled right past both him and Hugh, who scowled at both newcomers.“Swear to God, Choirboy,” Doc said as he accepted the plate Rafe shoved in his direction, oblivious to the angry undercurrents in the room, “there are days when I’d consider switching teams and marrying you just to cash in on some of your cookin’.”“You so did not say that,” Green grumbled as he tossed his go bag on the floor just inside the foyer.“That’s my wife you’re calling darlin’,” Gabe muttered as he pulled out a chair and sat down at the table.“Jealous? Sorry, darlin’.” Doc winked at Gabe. “From now on, I’ll save the pet names just for you.”“Can anyone join this game?” Wyatt’s sister, Annie, made herself at home at the table.“You’re in trouble now, Colter,” Wyatt warned Doc. “Go get ’em, Spanky.”“Finance what trip?” Joe stood with his arm over Stephanie’s shoulders, watching the action.“Eat your hearts out, ladies and gents. I’m taking a long overdue vacation to Italy, where I plan to gorge myself on pasta and gelato and soak up the local culture.”The latter part of his statement was met by grunts of laughter.“Fine. Laugh, you Neanderthals,” Doc countered around the unlit cigar he’d tucked in the side of his mouth. “While you all wouldn’t recognize culture if it bit you on the ass—you ladies, of course, are excluded from that statement—I happen to appreciate the fine arts.”More chuckles.I love the camaraderie and how characters keep popping up in other books then their own.