No True Gentleman

No True Gentleman - Liz Carlyle After I read more then 1/2 of the book I was sure that it won't get more then 3*, but Liz Carlyle amazed me and the last 20% of the book were 5*. I liked how the heroine was so practical and that she didn't care about the aristocratic ladder. The hero was great too, he had such a strong moral compass, he wanted to help people, to make a difference.Quote:He raked his fingers through his disheveled hair again. “I’m not decent,” he mumbled, slowly backing toward his bedchamber.[...]But Catherine already had him by the arm and was dragging him toward the table. “Nonsense,” she insisted. “You are an invalid.”He glowered at her. “I am not an invalid.”Catherine merely smiled. [men and their egos :))]