Miss Wonderful

Miss Wonderful - Loretta Chase This book had it's moments...At some parts I wanted to give it 5*, at others I would have gone with 2... In the end it was very nice. The entire series seems interesting. Quote:"Did you think I wasn't attending?"It was a small, crooked smile, and it made her heart go a little crooked, too, and beat erratically.As though sensing Mirabel's agitation, her mare Sophy edged away from Mr. Carsington's gelding."I thought you had gone to sleep," Mirabel said."I was thinking," he said."Remarkable," she said. "That never occurred to me.""I admit it is unusual," he said. "Those who know me will say I'm inclined to act first and think later. But I'm trying to mend my ways.""I was unaware you had ways in want of mending," she said. "I'd thought all the Carsingtons were paragons.""The paragons are my two older brothers.""But you are the famous hero."His mouth twisted. "I merely contrived not to disgrace myself during the short time in which I fought."