Last Hellion

The Last Hellion - Loretta Chase I had so much fun reading this book. Thank you Catherin for tempting me with it.Here are some quotes that I loved:He gave her a wounded look. "I was not trying to pay any scores. I was consumed by curiosity."Her eyes narrowed. "About what?""How you did it." He let his gaze fall to her manly chest. "It isn't binding, is it? What have you done with your breasts?"She opened her mouth, then shut it. She looked down at herself, then up at him. Then her jaw set and between her teeth she said, "It's a specially designed corset. The front is shaped like a man's torso. The back is like any other stays.""Ah. Back lacing.""Yes. Not in the least interesting. Nothing you haven't seen many hundreds of times before." She turned away and returned to the drainpipe. "If you want to make yourself useful, you could give me a boost up.""I can't," he said. "I can't aid and abet your burgling a house.""Since when have you become a champion of law and order?""Since you pointed out my failure to provide an example of high moral tone," he said. "I'm studying to become a saint.""Then study someplace else. I'm not going to steal anything. I only want to get my clothes.""I've wed you," he said impatiently. "I don't want a lady. I shouldn't know what to do with one." He grasped her shoulders. "I hope you're not turning missish on me."He danced a bit, jabbing the air with his right, then his left. "Come, what are you afraid of? Here's your chance to give me the pair of stinkers you promised in Vinegar Yard. Or was that all boasting? Did the tap on my jaw hurt your little hand too much, my delicate flower? Did you learn your lesson then?"It came from nowhere. Lightning fast and low, her fist shot toward his privates.He nipped aside in the nick of time. "Not there, Grenville," he said, swallowing his astonishment. "Think of our children."There was a silence, during which, he assumed, the parcels on the bed finally attracted her attention."You wicked man." Her voice was low and not quite steady. "Have you been buying me gifts?""Bribes," he said, sneaking a glance at her. She had left the chair to go to the bed, and stood looking at the packages. "So I wouldn't be obliged to sleep in the stables."[I love it when they have important conversations, both of the make it sound like a joke]