The Spymaster's Lady

The Spymaster's Lady - Joanna Bourne I love this! Such a great book. I can't wait to read about Adrian, he is so fascinating... Quotes I love:“I will decide what to do about it when I am awake. Perhaps I will try to strangle you once more. Though you have the most beautiful body imaginable. Like a large animal.”Adrian murmured, “What complex and interesting nights you two must have.”“Shut up,” Grey said.She knew at once he was behind her. After twenty steps she was still not sure how she felt about it. “You are following me. Why are you doing this?”“To protect you.” Which was what he had said to her once before. “And because I want to.”She drew a long breath in and kept walking. “You are a difficult man to be in love with.”Even in the dim light, she knew he grinned.Ahead of them was a park with sharp iron palings on its fence. She did not know which park. She did not know precisely where she was in London, as she had not been paying proper attention. “Are you planning to follow me all the way to Wales?”“If I have to. We’ll stop at Tydings on the way. Would you like to get married here in London or when we get to my parents’ house?”She bumped into him. Somehow he had put himself in front of her, blocking the path. He was warm and disconcerting to run into.“Don’t fight. When we’re old, we’ll stagger down the path to the river and collapse on the bench and watch our grandchildren play in the mud. We’ll remember making love on that bench. And by the river. Maybe in the river, too, some hot night.”“I have never thought of being old.”“It’s time you did. Be old with me.”