Kiss of the Rose

Kiss of the Rose - Kate Pearce Gender: Paranormal Historical, Sub-gender: Tudor era, reign of Henry the VIII-th, during his marriage with Catherine of AragonHero: Christopher Ellis, SirHeroine: Rosalind Llewellyn(druid)Rating: 3.75I have no idea how to write a review about this book so I'll make a list of things I've found in it. So we have:-druids, vampire slayers :>;-vampires;-druid slayers;-a love triangle;-King Henry the VIII-th and Catherin of Aragon(first wife, marriage annulled); -fairly accurate history;-spunky heroine;-hero who had humor(I say this 'cuz usually they are arm candy :D);-action spiced with a little bit of mystery;-nice cover :D, very "The Tudors"(TV show);-and almost forgot, names historically accurate and they even suite the characters: Rosalind-rose(she was beautiful but thorny :D), Rhys-ardent(dude was passionate but at the same time he was a good friend), etc[aka too lazy to search for the others :D].A thing that puzzles me: in this series the vamps have no soul. If so, why can they form blood bonds and mate for "eternity"? I really can't understand this thing... I hope the author will speak more of it in the next book.On this note I have to say that I'll read the others in the series. I hear in the second Anne Boleyn is a vampire.