Game for Seduction

Game for Seduction - Bella Andre Main characters: Melissa McKnight Dominic DiMarcoWhat I Liked: What I loved most was that Dominic could cook! And I mean he really is a great chef :D The MCs are nice and fun, together and apart, the story flows, the secondary characters are ok, it’s a very enjoyable contemporary romance. What I didn't like: The only problem I have with this book is that Melissa and Dominic couldn’t have an adult discussion, if they did, almost everything would have been better. This was Dominic! I swear! He was like “I’m not good enough to daate her, but nobody can have her either.”Favorite character: I liked Melissa, she’s a talented agent, and knows she works hard, but she let her daddy discourage her. Reading the book and seeing her growth in a confident woman was why I liked her this much. We don’t get a perfect heroine that does everything good, looks amazing and doesn’t have any hang-ups, the author wrote a genuine character that becomes more without anyone’s help, though some did gave a hand when needed.My least favorite character: Melissa’s dad was a misogynist and I can’t understand how he could have such a cool daughter. He actually gave her a lot of work and relied on her, but couldn’t accept that she could have a good career even if she was a woman in a male dominated job.Favorite scene: As with the 1st book in the series: the inventive love scenes :DWould I recommend the book: Anyone who wants a fun, light sports romance should read this. It went fantastic after a grueling school-day. Final rating: 3.5*