Game for Anything

Game for Anything - Bella Andre Main characters: Ty CalhounJulie SpencerWhat I Liked: The story is easy to read and light, after the more emotional and drama-filled books that I finished lately it was perfect(adding to the fact that crappy school time is coming). It seemed to me that it was the "one that got away"and the "let's-assume-to-make-an-ass-out-of-you-and-me" type of book. What I didn't like: The lack of communication got old fast. I get that they love sex, and great sex is hard to find, but how about a few minutes of conversation? Also the ending was anticlimactic and it suit as a saddle suits a sow.I think this picture speaks on its ownFavorite character: I don't think I have an actual favorite, though Ty was ok. Not one of them was very memorable.My least favorite character: Bobby-the way he treated women and spoke down on them, a big NO-NO in my book(thank Gods we don't see him often)Both Julie and Ty have this problem with their familiesFavorite scene: I'll go with all the love and other scenes:1st place: balcony sex at a party2nd place: Ty's art and leisure room(making out around great paintings and sculptures is hot)3rd place: Julie's room in her parents' house(it was so sweet!)Honorable mention: making out on the shore of a lake(it would have been 1st place if it was in the night, below the shining rays the moon)Suits both charactersWould I recommend the book: If you are into sport romances, reformed bad boys and easy reads this one is for you!Final rating: 3.5*