Board Resolution

Board Resolution - Joey W. Hill Favorite quote:She was on the step above him, so their positions put them at eye level. His expression had hardened with an emotion she couldn’t read as he studied her face. In a surprising move, he suddenly slid an arm around her back and legs, swung her up in his arms and turned, carrying her down the steps.“Matt,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”At the bottom, he let her feet touch the floor, but he held her elbow another moment. “That was to remind you that someday, you might need someone else to carry the load for a while. And you can trust me to get you where you need to go, no matter how steep the hill is. Up or down.” He left her there, amazed, speechless. Oddly happy and hurting at once.I liked how the story was structured: the present interlaced with all the important moments in the development of their love. I swear, if other authors did the same with their novellas I would give them all maximum stars!The only thing that was a little... other... was the way all the friends "pitched in"(that sounded better in my head). I loved how Savannah was so strong and sure of herself in every aspect of her life, all beside interpersonal relationships. Matt was so sweet and took care of her wants and needs without her even noticing(that's a very good quality in men btw ;;) )! Now the other knights, wow, I think I would have had testosterone overload! All in all this was great! I went in search of an easy erotic novella and came upon this story. I loved every minute of it! Ms Hill wrote a great love story and erotic romance in about 120 pages. It was a lovely surprise. PS: Ben can come and cook for me EVERY time!