the proposition

the proposition - Katie Ashley Buddy read with MaruMain characters: Emma HarrisonAidan FitzgeraldWhy I added the book: I liked the cover and I think because another friend added it :DAbout the bookThe very start was pretty funny: Aidan tries to hook up with Emma and she spurns his advantages in a very funny way. After this the story gets a little… fantastic with a woman who ropes a guy in to conceive and then, supposedly, throws him back in the pool of unmarried and uncommitted women. When you get over that the story becomes again enjoyable in a very comedy-B-movie kind of way. The author has some glitches to work on: the repetition of some phrases(ex: “That mouth of yours is trouble.” it appears over 10-15 times throughout the book) and her character build up. Her characters are too… typical: we have the commitment-phobic man-whore with a heart of gold that has all the traits of one, no changes, no quirks(he even gave him a dog to make him more likable!) and the blushing spinster that underneath all that apparent coldness is a sex-goddess(yes, she is about 30 and still blushing, in this world! ). The secondary characters are good props to show us more “facets” of the characters but they feel very one-dimensional and flat. Notice that I didn’t say a thing about the ending, which was crappy and I am sure Ms. Ashley could have done a lot better than this, because if I started on it I would never stop. Favorite character: The dog! That was the only character that didn’t disappoint. My least favorite character: Wow! Don’t make me start…Both main characters were idiots. Emma was a schizophrenic: a puritanical cretin who blushed at every naughty work and her alter ego the man-eater who jumped Aidan’s bones when she felt like it. Aidan is… well… he is a complete asshole(there! I didn’t even censor it!). I don’t care that he likes women and sleeps with everything with a feminine reproductive tract, what does bug me are his deflections to keep everything without an emotional importance and because he eve cheats for it!(how moronic can you be?!). Would I recommend the book: It’s an ok story made for light reading. You can never take it seriously otherwise you would want:a) To throw your book or reading device out the window orb) Murder someone(mainly the author) for all the thoughtless actions of both MCAll in all I had fun reading it when I was distracted with other stuff around me. Final rating:3.5*