Prelude to a Scandal (Scandal Series)

Prelude to a Scandal - Delilah Marvelle How I feel about the book, the image that says it all:This book started great, but after the 3rd chapter or so it went downhill. We have the heroine who is about 50% likable who's in love with the hero, or, at least, what she imagines him to be. Then we have the hero who allegedly is a nymphomaniac(I didn't see it in the ~70% that I read). I kind of swallowed everything that happens in this book(even the priceless emerald necklace thrown into a fountain because it brought back bad memories to the hero) till the moment that she(the heroine) wants to take in the pregnant maybe-ex-mistress of her brother-in-law, that her husband has a portrait of and in front of which he gratified himself, aaaaand, to make it even better, if you guys didn't get from what I said earlier, he was obsessed with(the abused, maybe-ex-mistress); this was just too much.